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  • Methodical, results oriented editor.
  • Proven track record with returning clients who have gone on to publish their books or signed with literary agencies and publishing houses.
  • Book cover design and book trailer production with hundreds of views.
  • Award winning author of fiction and nonfiction.

Jennifer is committed to creative expression and sensitive to the complexities of balancing artistic and commercial goals. With this in mind, she works closely with clients to get their work into the best possible shape before submission to agents, publishers or any targeted readership.​

Drawing on a thorough knowledge of the elements of literary craft, Jennifer advises clients on all aspects of project development, from initiation through creative and technical processes to finished product and marketing. Services include:

  • collaborating with authors, writers, poets, playwrights, and graduate students to provide substantive, line and copy editing and proof reading;
  • advising clients on conversion to digital and print-on-demand formats;
  • improving clients’ understanding of the writing process.

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Jennifer Skutelsky was educated in South Africa and the US and now lives in San Francisco, where she earned an MFA in Creative Writing with Professional Editing and Teaching as correlatives. Award-winning author of Tin Can Shrapnel and Grave of Hummingbirds, she is a softie and sometime warrior, with a passion for the underdog and alternate realities. She loves rhinos and elephants and has been known to talk to pigeons, while laughter and gratitude often talk her off a ledge. With roots in ballet and visual art, everything she does now revolves around writing.

"Jennifer is a master editor, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their writing craft to a professional level. I've worked with her on two novels, and she understood how to improve the story and the writing without changing my voice or altering the tone or intent of the narrative. The first project we worked on was accepted by a major literary agency, and I have recently signed my first publishing deal. I wouldn't have made it this far without her mentoring. She has made me a better writer. I would encourage others to make the investment in hiring her—a good editor can make the difference between getting published and getting rejected, and Jennifer is as polished and insightful as they come."

ALEX DOLAN, Marketing & Communications Director, Author
"When we are in need of the highest caliber service available, we are wise to employ the most qualified and effective individual to obtain the results required. As a writer, my entering into a partnership with an experienced editor remains the single most critical and valuable decision I could have made. Without any doubt, hiring Jennifer in that capacity is the sole reason I became a contributing writer for two Emergency Services magazines. Jennifer worked extensively on my novel and transformed the process of rewriting into a series of epiphanies and revelations. Under her continued guidance, I then established an incredibly strong platform, a writer's lifeblood, in the Fire and EMS field. Her knowledge, skill and ability in the extremely competitive and ever evolving literary scene are absolutely essential for any writer wanting to elevate their game to the highest level." 

MICHAEL BRIGATI, Retired Senior Fire Captain, Paramedic and
Rescue Diver, Author
International literary contest judge,
award winning author and former literary agent, Jennifer Skutelsky is committed to helping writers around the world align project development with contemporary publishing demands.